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Hello World!

In this first post, Chief Woofer Jack says hello and shares his why, and his vision for Woofer AI
Mar 5, 2023

Chief Woofer Jack here, and welcome to Woofer AI.

A few years ago in my first company, one of the things I'd do was to conduct phone interviews and then turn that phone interview into a blog article. Each article took around 6 hours to write, and I kept that up for a year. I think I wrote more than 100 articles. It's tiring as hell, but it somehow worked out in the end.

Fast forward to today, content writing still takes the same amount of time. But the difference is that nowadays we have advances in AI which can potentially make their life potentially a lot easier.

I imagine world where content creators can create what they want, for whoever who will listen to them. There's so much wisdom and knowledge locked in videos and audio files, never seeing the light of day just because we don't have enough time to consume them all.

With Woofer AI, I think we're closer to that world.