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[2022-03-12 Updates] Facelift, new features, and user experience

We share this week's updates - facelifts, additional features, progress bar, etc.
Mar 12, 2023

Chief Woofer Jack here, and welcome to the first edition of the updates we have here on Woofer.

First up, there's a bit of a facelift on the website. There's a dashboard now to navigate across the different Woofs made in the past.

Users can now choose what they want to convert, based on audio or text transcripts. We'll be releasing video, YouTube, and Spaces for pro users soon.

We've also added a summarizer at the back, for those who have asked for show notes and summaries of their content.

Another update we have is the inclusion of status updates as well while the text is being converted.

Look forward to more features in the upcoming week!