Turn your audio into blog articles easily
Expand your content writing strategy by going beyond audio transcripts
It takes 10 hours to transcribe and repurpose an audio content into a blog article
Podcast audio is turned into blog articles and transcript by Woofer
Woofer does it in just minutes
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Expand your engagement
Increase your content library through easy repurposing of your content and get indexed more easily for search
A loudspeaker spreading audio outwards
Hook potential listeners
Sometimes, all it takes is a compelling summary or short-form article to hook potential listeners and stay for the entire podcast
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Get more audience
Not all content consumers like listening - you'll expand your audience if you can provide both audio and written versions of your content
Use Cases
A podcaster converts his podcast into a blog
Podcast Blogging
You're a professional podcast, and you want to shore up your content offerings with a blog

Blogs are great for SEO, and make it easier for potential listeners to discover you

With Woofer AI, you can upload your audio file or even your podcast transcript to generate an article
Save Time in Marketing
You work in a marketing department or an agency, and you wish you had more time to create content

Grab an audio file, upload it with Woofer AI, and we'll take care of everything for you lickety-split.

Do way more with less time with us
A busy marketer frowns because not enough time
A plan that fits your needs, whether you're a hobbyist, a company, or an agency
USD0 /mo
  • 2 uploads per month
  • Basic content uploads
  • 30 MB limit per upload
  • Basic transcript
  • Basic customer support
USD19 /mo
  • 5 uploads per month
  • Advanced content uploads
  • 100 MB limit per upload
  • Time-stamped transcript
  • Enhanced customer support
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  • 10+ uploads per month
  • Advanced + custom uploads
  • No size limit per upload
  • Time-stamped transcript
  • Premium customer support